Whakatapoko – Enrol

Nau mai, welcome, and please read on. Note though our 2021 and 2022 pre-enrolment processes have closed.

Atā whakatapoko – How to enrol

We are a designated character school established under Section 156 of the Education Act 1989. The students who are eligible for enrolment are those whose parents accept the designated character of the school as set out in the New Zealand Education Gazette notice of 4 April 2013. We have an Enrolment Scheme.

As we have more interest than spaces available we have to ballot our home zone and at every year level. This includes current siblings who must follow our enrolment process. Because we are a special character school, balloting the home zone is different from a regular school where students who live in the home zone are automatically enrolled. 

Te hāpete o mua – Our pre-enrolment process

  1. Rēhita – Register your interest and attend a tour
    You must register your interest so we can contact you when we run a pre-enrolment process.  You also need to attend a tour so you can view our school and see how we operate.  Our Senior Leadership Team take the tour and there is the opportunity for questions as part of this process.   If you are unable to make the date you booked, please fill this form in again for a future tour.  Due to the huge demand, we are unable to offer tours or visits outside our scheduled dates. The tours will now resume in Term 2 2022 and we will not be doing any meetings, tours or visits prior to this.
    Click here to register your interest and/or attend/change a tour.
  2. Te Kōwhiri – Pre-enrolment and ballot information
    When we start a pre-enrolment process, we will email whānau who have registered their interest with the next steps. These are:

2A Reference
A link for you for to forward to your student’s current pre-school or school to fill in.

2B Whānau family caregiver information
A link for you to fill in so we have the correct information for the ballot and to establish the suitability to work in our special character environment.  We may contact whānau to come in for an interview if we need to discuss this further.

2022 Whakatapoko – Enrolments  CLOSED

Our 2022 pre-enrolments closed on 9 July 2021.  All families who had registered their interest by that date or who were on the 2021 balloted waiting list were sent the next steps prior to this. We now have balloted waiting lists in place.  Families who took part in this were all sent either offers of place or a waiting list number on 4 August 2021 which was the day of the ballot.

New pre-enrolment enquiries are welcome to follow our process above however it is important you know we will only contact you if our balloted waiting  lists are exhausted and we need to run a new pre-enrolment process. 

Balloted waiting list status – updated 17 November 2021
Year 1 – 22 in total, no change
Year 2 – waiting list now exhausted
Year 3 – 8 in total, now number 2 at the top of the list
Year 4 – 4 in total, no change
Year 5 – was 12 in total, now number 2 at the top of the list
Year 6 – 18 in total, no change
Year 7 – waiting list now exhausted
Year 8 – was 19 in total, now number 9 at the top of the list
Year 9 – was 53 in total, now number 8 at the top of the list
Year 10 – 13 in total, no change
Year 11 –  was 21 in total, now number 4 at the top of the waiting list
Year 12 – 6 in total, no change
Year 13 – waiting list now exhausted
For those on a balloted waiting list, we do not contact you every time the waiting list moves.  If a place comes up we will send you an offer by email and at the same time text so you know this has been sent.