At Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery, we work with students to create a truly personalised NCEA programme. Students can attain NCEA credits for assessments completed as part of a course, from offsite providers or through negotiated and approved independent projects.

Learning Advisors will also encourage students to choose programmes of learning that support their passions and interests.  It is important that students recognise that any NCEA programme at Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery is not a programme of assessment – it’s a programme of learning, where assessments are taken to demonstrate the learning the student has engaged with.

How do students select a course?
  • Student entry into courses will be considered on the basis of their readiness to undertake the specific programme, rather than on year level. Every effort will be made to remove barriers to entry into programmes
  • Student course selections will come from the IEP process, where students, their parents and Learning Advisor will discuss appropriate programmes, based on student interests and enthusiasms, possible careers needs, previous experiences, and means of delivery of the programme. A short period of trial, or pre-entry evaluation may be used to ensure that a student has the necessary skills to achieve success within a programme. Wherever possible, targeted support should be considered where a student lacks some specific skills needed to be undertake a programme.
  • The school will not pre-determine student options, but will try to provide for the programme requirements of each individual, accessing existing programmes or new programmes available with the school, or from other local or distance providers. These may include:
    • Partner schools
    • Distance providers, including the Te Kura (Correspondence School), Cantatech, Otago Net
    • Tertiary providers, including CPIT, University of Canterbury

Each individual case will be considered on its merits

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Connecting young people with industry, employers and training pathways.

Gateway is funded and monitored by the Tertiary Education Commission

An exciting, challenging opportunity for fulltime senior students to combine their studies with work placements in the industry of their choice and achieve industry qualifications.


  • Real world experience in action.
  • Hands on experience in a work environment
  • Apply what they are learning in a real work environment
  • Gain relevant industry knowledge
  • Learn skills that relate to employment opportunities.
  • Learn about themselves in a work team.
  • Explore opportunities and network
  • Transition confidently from our school.

“To be the person you aspire to be”

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Careers / Star

Careers / Star