Trust Licence

The Trust Licence is a system for Year 7 students and beyond. The system allows students to be able to access the city, without an adult, and take advantage of the resources that exist on our doorstep. We believe that learning happens everywhere and the Trust Licence allows our students to place their learning in the most appropriate setting. Please note that in this document we refer to Year 7 (as in the year of school they are in) and 14 years (as in how old they are).

The Trust Licence is available to students who…

  • are Year 7 and above.
  • have demonstrated; maturity, trust and responsibility inside and outside of the Ao Tawhiti building.
  • have demonstrated “City Smarts”
  • have signed the Trust Licence agreement.
  • have parents who support, and have signed, the Trust Licence agreement.
  • have an agreement that has been approved by their Community LAs.
  • have attended and graduated from a Trust Licence class. (Year 7 – Age 14)

We would really appreciate if all students out on a Trust Licence trip worked within the following simple guidelines…

  • always walk, do this in pairs, try not to take up the whole footpath…use single file when there are road signs or construction issues.
  • don’t wander all over the footpath…try and keep to the left on the pavement. This gives the general public somewhere to walk.
  • give way to the public.
  • keep eyes up, watch out for doorways and driveways…be aware of cars and foot traffic…stay safe.
  • make good choices when talking to strangers.
  • use appropriate Language.
  • choose your route wisely.
  • always use pedestrian crossings and traffic lights to cross roads.
  • thank people for giving their time.
  • be polite.
  • lime Scooters will not be used during the hours of school
  • if choosing to use a scooter, skateboard or bike as transport, do so respectfully

Here’s the form to give permission for your student to get a Trust Licence. The form also has permission requests for Bringing your own Device, our Community Agreement…

Going on a Trust Licence trip…please fill this form out.

Washington Way SkatePark permission