Annual Picnic at the Botanical Gardens # 9am – 12pm # Thursday the 14th of December 2023

On the last day of term, Thursday the 14th of December 2023, we are intending on having our annual picnic at the playground/paddling pool in the Botanical Gardens.

This will begin at 9am and finish at 12pm. Please can you arrange to have your child picked up by 12pm from the park. 

We will have a staff member walking from the Bus Exchange at 9am to the park and then returning to the Bus Exchange by 12pm. Your child will need to bring food and drinks, suitable clothing for the day, sunscreen and possibly togs and towel if they want to paddle. 

Your child will need to sign in and sign out with their HBLA at the park. If the weather is looking shaky, we will make a final call at 8.00am about whether the day at the Park is on or not. 

If we do cancel the picnic we will email out, put it on the school website and put it on Facebook etc. This means the school site will be open until a 12pm pick up.

Please contact your LA if you aren’t coming for the day.