Frank Film

Last week I was contacted by Jessy from Frank Film with the following request:

Frank Film are making a short documentary on families living in central Christchurch; specifically those with children who have moved into the Central City for the lifestyle opportunities it offers them. We thought that Ao Tawhiti might have some whānau who live close to the school and were open to talking with us. 

We are interested in what they love about living centrally; convenience, amenities, children spending more time with parents as commuting time is reduced etc. Also, what they think could be done to encourage more families into the CBD. Are the new housing developments suitable for family life? Are they affordable for families? 
Filming would be brief and low-key – we’d probably be looking to interview them in their own homes and perhaps around the city; walking to school, visiting Tūranga or Margaret Mahy Playground etc. 

We would greatly appreciate it if you were able to extend this invitation to your community. We would be looking to film in the week commencing 15th March so the turnaround is reasonably swift.

Perhaps anyone interested could email in the first instance with a photo of their family and a brief description of their housing situation and what they think with regard to the subjects I had outlined? It only has to be a paragraph not a thesis.

Please contact Jessy Rolleston Palmer if you are interested

0212 130 355