Friday 1 May – Info

Friday 1 May


Tomorrow marks a pretty special anniversary for Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery. On 2 May 2019 we opened for students at our CBD premises. For those of you who came in for your IEM on that Thursday, you’ll remember that things were still in a state of flux (builders were all over the place, the stairs were out of action and we had no level 4). We were all however extremely excited to be in town. It’s almost fitting that on the day before the anniversary, the site has one student and a handful of learning advisors working in it, while the remainder of us are hard at work at home.

Moving to Level 2

I’ve had a few people ask me what Level 2 will look like at school. The short answer is that I currently have no idea. I suspect that the Ministry of Education is currently working with the Ministry of Health on the details, and will make an announcement to schools / the public following a potential announcement on 11 May. I promise that I’ll outline what this will mean for you as soon as I have that information at hand

Thanks … again

I know I’ve said this a lot over the past few weeks, but I really do believe that it needs to be said. The implications that the lockdown could have had on our school, could have been a nightmare. With your support and hard work, the learning advisors have been able to change how they deliver learning in an incredibly short period of time. They could not have done this without your support at home. I’m so grateful for the effort you are putting in to support our curriculum at home right now with your children. It’s a massive undertaking with everything else that is going on for you right now and I know that all of the staff really appreciate it.

Steven Mustor – Director