Leavers – Dress Up Week 2021

Kia ora all! 

With Graduation for school leavers coming up very soon, we’d love to collectively finish the year off well and celebrate students leaving Ao Tawhiti to whatever their next steps are with a Dress up week! From the 1st to the 5th of November, each day will have a different theme and we’d love to see leavers dressing up to match the theme.

The themes are: 
Monday the 1st of Nov: Dress up as a Pirate Day 
Tuesday the 2nd of Nov: Dress up as your Dream Job Day 
Wednesday the 3rd of Nov: Dress up as a movie character day 
Thursday the 4th of Nov: Dress up as a friend day
Friday the 5th of Nov: Flashback Friday 

If you do take part, this is just a reminder that in choosing your outfits you should ensure your wearing costumes and outfits that align with the school values and are appropriate for the school environment as a whole, as well as specific classes like Science you may have on the day that require closed toe shoes etc. 

At each lunch time, we’d love to see everybody down on the first floor for a group photo in your outfits too! 

Any questions please let me know. 
Dom Wilson
Student Board Member