Monday 10 February Info

It’s been a great start to the year but something’s been missing. All of our students have set up their plan for the first term but Monday marks the first time in 2020 that all of our students will be on site at the same time. With that in mind we thought it would be good to give you a few notes that might help tomorrow go a little more smoothly

Monday 9-9.30am: Mihi Whakatau

Each year we start the year with a welcome to our new whanau. This will be happening at 9am on Monday the 10th of February.

This year’s Mihi Whakatau will be held on each floor. Students need to promptly go to their community floors (this should be the same floor as you had you IEM). Each community will then welcome the new students to the school. The basic format is that tangata whenua (existing community) will speak first followed by a waiata. Manuhiri  (new students) will then respond and will be supported by the waiata “Te Aroha”.

Monday 9.30-11am: Communites / Homebase

We will start in communities and homebases to ensure that students understand the purpose of these important structures in the school.

This time will also allow HBLAs the opportunity to make sure that students have all the info they need to manage their learning.

Monday 11.15am: Blue Block | 12.45pm: Lunch | 1.30pm: Green Block

Students will move into their courses. For Y7-13 students this means attending the courses you’ve signed up for

Peanut allergy – request

One of the students new to our school this year has a severe peanut allergy. We are working with the family to ensure that they are able to manage this safely while at school. We would like to encourage families to support us by considering not including peanuts in your child’s lunch.