Parent Involvement

Last term’s Matariki workshops and the Hangi preparations are a great example of parents getting involved, creating the village and adding to the learning journeys of our students.

Matariki is about reflection and looking forward. With this in mind, a goal from now is to really increase the amount of adults who get involved as possible across the school.

Our school’s Special Character has guiding principles that state that “Learning is a partnership” and “Everyone is a learner and everyone is a teacher”.

One of the ways over the years that we have really lived this out is through having parents, and other adults, involved in learning opportunities for our students.

Our reality is that we have a very limited amount of staff who can support student learning, about 40. However with 670 students we have the potential of a minimum of 1400 adults who could get involved in some way.

We know that some of our older students would prefer not to have their parents in the building, but we also know that working alongside adults who are sharing their experience and expertise is extremely rewarding for students of all ages. 

So with all of this in mind we would love to invite you to get involved in a Workshop programme that we are starting next term across our Year 7-13s.

The workshops will happen between 9 and 11 on Fridays. 

You might like to offer something for 1 week…8 weeks…15 minutes a week…and hour a week. You might be happy running it on your own or you might prefer to team up with someone else. It doesn’t matter, just pop along, get involved and see what happens. 

One of the other easy ways to get involved if you feel you don’t have something specific to offer is “Student Coaching”. We all have children and we all know how to sit down and talk to them about what they are doing, what they are planning and where to next. “Student Coaching” is just working alongside students and asking some key questions helps to keep them focussed, motivated and purposeful. If you’re interested in this as an option feel free to chat to Kay or Ian or simply add yourself to the document.

So, to make this all happen we have created a document that you can use to let us know what you’re keen to do, when you’re keen to do it and how many students you’re happy to work with. Please click on the link below and enter your information.

Please feel free to contact either Ian (LA) or Suki (Parent Liaison) about this… or


Ian and Suki