PINs plea

Thanks to those of you who came to the ‘How-to-PINs’ workshop this afternoon, or who got in touch to say you couldn’t make it this time.

Offers are looking interesting so far. There is poetry and creative writing, disc golf, a walk and a soak in some pools, bead and jewellery making, programming, NCEA study opportunities, infant development, arts and crafts, skateboarding and kayaking to name a few. That still leaves quite a list from what the kids said they’d like to see offered:

Card Games/ D&D
Cardboard Wars
3D Printing
Ice skating
Study skills
Wearable Arts
Radio Control Aircraft
Dog training/ Animal Care/ SPCA
Miscellaneous life skills – tyre changing/ preserving vegetables etc
Flip Out
Arts and Crafts
Day Tramp/ Bike Ride
Programming/ Coding
Football/ Netball/ Swimming/ Yoga/ Surfing/ Dance
Cooking/ Baking
Self improvement/ Confidence Building
Health & Fitness
Archery/ Fencing
Making and Watching Movies
Reading in Trees
Devising Through Improvisation
Virtual Reality
Stop Motion

There are 4 offers from parents. We know people work, we know people are busy. In a school of 670 students there must be in the region of 1200 of you who have brought your children to Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery because of our Special Character. PINs is one of the ways we live our Special Character. It is your opportunity to offer a skill, a passion, an interest to the students who come to this awesome school. You might have a student in Y9 but want to hang out with younger kids, firstly because your Y9 doesn’t want you anywhere near them and secondly because you remember what fun it was hanging out with younger kids. Or you might have younger kids but really want to see what they could become in a few years time, and you have something you can share with older students, who are awesome to hang out with. You might have a business you want to share with some students, or you love dogs/ cats/ board games/ radio controlled aircraft/fencing too and want to help some students live their passion.

This is a plea. We need to offer PINs workshops for 670 students. At a ratio of 1:15 that is almost 45 workshops. If we discount LAs, we still need 15-20 parents to offer a workshop this round. Out of a parent base of over 1000. You might only want to take 2 kids, or 4, or 5 and that is ok too. Your workshop might end up with no clients, and we’d encourage you to keep trying, or come and support someone else. There are so many possibilities!

I always say, “We can’t do what we say we do without you”, so please dig deep and offer something cool for our wonderful ākonga. You will have a great day, we promise.

If you are unsure of anything, we are here to support you and to help make it easy and wonderful.

Here is the link to the form.