Practise Exam Week

Good morning students,

Here is a brief message from your friendly Qualifications Administrator…

During Practice Exam week there will be no NCEA classes. If you are a year 7-10 student in an NCEA class, you will need to work on SDL during those times.

Year 11-13 students are on study leave during Practice Exams and should not be at school unless attending an exam session – or by another arrangement with a staff member.

Students will not be permitted on Level 4 during exam week unless 1. attending an exam, 2. visiting the Counselor, 3. attending Hospitality class, or4. attending Dean’s PE class which will run on the Balcony (PE students, please talk to Dean about how this will work).

I have attached a modified timetable which starts on Monday 27th September.

Have a good week all, Brent