Signing in / Contact tracing

Thanks so much for bearing with my, “have you signed in”, comments throughout the day. I really appreciate your willingness to support us as we return to a higher level of contact tracing.

It’s important that we all get into the habit of signing in when you come into the building.

You can take a huge amount of pressure of Jonelle at reception by downloading the SchoolAppsNZ app. This allows you to sign in before you come into the building.

I appreciate that some of you would prefer to not have the app on our phone. You will be always be able to sign in at reception manually, but we must have a record of everyone who comes into the building.

As a reminder, instructions for downloading and using the app are here.

It’s important to note that we also have sign-in codes for the government’s covid tracer. This is for your personal use. We still need you to sign in using the app.