Term 1 classes 2024 # Year 7-13 students

This is the link to all of the available classes for Term 1 2024

When choosing classes it’s really important to read the descriptor of what the class is about and to check out the level of the class.

In most cases Year 7-9 students would usually choose classes that are pitched at Level 3, 4 or 5.  Year 9-10 students usually looking at classes that are pitched at Level 4 or 5, maybe some 6 if they are ready and want to start some NCEA work. Year 11-13 students will usually be selecting classes at Level 6, 7 or 8 depending on what Level of NCEA they are attempting to achieve.

For example, you might see a class like this below… the code and the level are really important for you… it says the Level is 4 and the Code is 4SCI. So, it’s probably pitched really well for Year 7-9 students. Make sure you read the description to see whether your interested in the class. The description may also indicate some expectations of the class.

LA: Kate Armour

Year – 2023

Term – TERM 2

Colour – KŌWHAI

Learning Area – SCIENCE

Levels- 4

Code – 4SCI


This term, our focus is on journeys: past journeys across te Moananui a Kiwa | the Pacific, and future journeys to Mars. Expect to combine:

▪ Physics (e.g., forces, space/time);  

▪ Matauranga Māori (e.g. navigation with the stars, waka building, matariki);

▪ Biology (e.g. photosynthesis, hydroponics, growing food in space)

▪ Earth Science (e.g. plate tectonics)

▪ Astronomy (e.g. solar system, Big Bang); with

▪ Ethical questions (e.g.  “We could colonise Mars, but should we?”)

As for Term one, be ready to commit to literacy (reading and writing), numeracy, group work and a “hands-on” practical session once a week.

You will need: a device, or an exercise book and something to write with

NB students in Year 7-9 homebases (Kay, Ian, Steve, Libby, Alex, Evan and Suze L) do not need to select a class for KAKARIKI (Green).

Finally, sometimes it is impossible to get everyone into their first choice of class. As an example, we can only safely have 24 students in a Hospitality class. This may mean that a student might have to choose something else this term and reselect their preference in Term 2.