Whānau Update 10th April 2022

Kia ora koutou

Welcome to the last week of term one. Please note that we are running our normal timetable Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. We aren’t running classes on Thursday, instead we are holding IEMs. There will also be a second day of IEMs on Monday 2 May and normal classes resume on Tuesday 3 May.

If you need to book your IEM then go to IEM booking sheet

If you need supervision for your Yr 1- 6 child on Thursday, or Monday 2 May then please fill in the form at this link IEM supervision

Breakfast Club

Miriam Denney and Karen Grant have been running Breakfast Club on Wednesday mornings. They have been supported by whānau throughout the years. This is a great opportunity for students to mix and mingle while eating pancakes and breakfast together. Karen no longer has children at Ao Tawhiti and won’t be doing Breakfast Club in the future. We would like to thank Karen for the incredible contribution she has made to this club. 

We do need support to keep the club going. If you would like to help and are available from 8:15 – 915 on Wednesday mornings then please email Miriam Denney at miriam.denney@aotawhiti.school.nz

Term Two Course Selection

Term Two course descriptors have been uploaded and you can find all the new descriptors at this link Term Two 2022 Course Descriptors. Sarah O’Brien is returning from maternity leave so we have more P.E classes available. We are also offering a beginner sewing class and the New Zealand Certificate in Foundation Studies, a great option for vocationally-minded seniors – especially those seniors who are looking to gain their literacy qualification for NCEA. 

Students in the Y7-8 Communities choose from just Blue, Green and Purple blocks as your Community programmes continue to run across Red and Yellow.

Trust Licences

Please encourage your child to sign out using the QR code, or in person with Beth at the front desk. Signing out means we are able to see where students intend to head, who they are with and when they intend to return. This supports our ability to maintain responsibility for students in case of emergency. 


We have had 23 positive student cases this week and two staff cases. 

The year levels are below. 


Our on-site attendance continues to improve with 77% of students working onsite this week. We have a number of students who are isolated as household contacts and we thank whānau for following these guidelines to help slow the spread of covid in the school. 

Could NZ limit long Covid? – Expert Reaction

Here is an article from New Zealand’s Science Media Centre giving some great advice to support recovery from Covid. There is a summary below.  Could NZ limit long Covid? – Expert Reaction

Fatigue is a common symptom of many viral illnesses and a feature of both acute COVID-19 infection and long COVID.

If you have fatigue, muscle weakness, etc, do not ‘push through’. Do not think that you can exercise your way out of this. Commencing exercise too early may increase the risk of long COVID.

If you do have symptoms of Long COVID (ongoing, or newly developing symptoms), please seek help.

Caution must be taken to be mindful of new or ongoing symptoms that can fluctuate and affect people in different ways at different times.

The main advice for recovering from Long COVID appears to be:

  • Don’t overdo it – if you feel you need rest, rest.
  • Begin with a very low level of activity, and very slowly increase – interspersed with regular planned breaks throughout the day.
  • Begin with some fun things, and things that won’t matter if you stop for a break.
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Ask for help from friends and family.
  • The current consensus is that exercise should not be undertaken until the individual has been completely symptom-free for at least seven days.
  • When exercise is restarted it is advisable to ease back into it slowly.
  • Adequate sleep, good nutrition, hydration, and social connection are also vital to help you recover well.

It is likely that with further research in NZ and overseas that measures to reduce the impact of Long COVID will become available.

RAT Tests

Remember that we do have RAT tests available in the school. These tests are for staff and students who become symptomatic. If your child becomes symptomatic during the school day we will ring home and ask you to collect your child. We will give you RAT tests to take home with you. We will not be administering RAT tests at school. We also continue to have bulk quantities of masks, including the smaller masks for younger children. 

Here is our dedicated email address for any Covid related questions. Covid@aotawhiti.school.nz

Have a fabulous holiday break. If you are travelling then please travel safely. We look forward to seeing everyone back on site in term two. 

Be in touch with me, or your Home Base Learning Advisor if you have any questions or need extra support. 

Take care 

Ngā mihi nui