2022 HB lists for Y1-6, and two appointments

Kia ora e te whānau, we are delighted to welcome Jess Finnigan as the LA who will teach in Suze’s HB while she is on leave for 2022. Jess has a wealth of experience in and out of teaching, and we are really looking forward to her being part of the team. We are also delighted to welcome Gina Harrison into the role of Community Leader for the Y4-6 ākonga. Gina had the role of Y1-6 CL in 2019 for two terms before going on maternity leave. She will be releasing Y1-4 LAs for 1-1s and Classroom Release Time, and is looking forward to working closely with Bonnie, the Community Leader of Y1-4.

Here are the HB lists for next year for the Y1-6 crew, and their communities.

Y1-4 Community Leader Bonnie Dalton

Y4-6, Community Leader Gina Harrison