Friday 24 April – Info

Friday 24 April

There’s actually not a huge amount of new stuff to report to you today. I guess that’s a sign that the schooling at Ao Tawhiti during the lockdown has officially started to become a bit normal.


2.1 courses start next week. More info will come out about the specifics on the website from the senior leadership team. In general, it’s important to remember that students have already signed by for their 2.1 courses so they should know what they are doing. Check with your HBLA if you are unsure and they’ll be able to let you know what you signed up for. Students will be able to find the material for these courses on the school website. The Senior Leaders have been working hard with the staff to make it easy for students to find the material they need and to bring a little more consistency to what we’re doing. If you can remember back to when we set up our material for 1.2 way back before the lockdown began, you’ll be aware that we worked incredibly hard to have all our courses online within 2-3 days. We’re still working within that framework but it had it’s drawbacks. For example the courses were planned to be delivered in person, we we’re more than halfway through them when the lockdown began and we didn’t have a great deal of time to prepare or experience at distance learning. We’re confident that you’ll find our 2.1 courses better suited to our current learning environment.

1:1s are today. If you have a specific need (like it’s challenging in our house to learn online due to not having a school device etc),please share that with your HBLA. Don’t forget to share with them all the awesome things that you are doing as I’m sure they are itching to hear about it.

Returning to school next week

We’ve started to contact families who have indicated that you will be sending your child to school from Wednesday next week. We’re keen to have as much clarity on when you’ll be there so that we can plan our staffing around that. If you want to know what learning will look like at school, check out yesterday’s post.

We’ve had a couple of requests for Y11-13 students to return. Unfortunately the Ministry of Education will not allow Y11-13 onsite at Alert Level 3.

Enjoy your 1:1s today. I hope you find something amazing to do this long weekend. Hopefully it’s the last weekend we spend at Level 4.

Steven Mustor – Director