Thursday 23 April – Info

Thursday 23 April

1:1s on Friday

Just a reminder that tomorrow there are no classes running. Students will be having their 1:1s throughout the day. I’m really keen to make sure that our school, with its focus on relationships, keep these essential meetings happening. They allow your child the chance to plan and reflect on their learning while also building a significant learning relationship. LAs are encouraged do to these meetings however best suits the relationship. Zoom, phone and email seem equally popular. The key part is that they happen and that your child engages with them.

Planning for those returning to school

Thank you again for completing the form we put out to you. As it currently stands we have 8 students definitely attending and 20 maybe attending. We will be contacting these families across the next few days to provide you with more information and to change those maybes into either yes or no.

As a reminder, no Year 11-13 students are able to attend school at Alert Level 3.

As I said yesterday it’s important to know that we are eager to support all of our students through Alert Level 3. We will be doing this by establishing a distance learning programme that will look similar to what you are currently experiencing. We will provide all the detail on this soon but you can expect that learning will continue to look much like it does now

The obvious exception is for those students who will be attending school.

Here is the basic overview of how we will operate.

  • All staff, with a few exceptions will continue to work from home
  • I will be working from school
  • Niki and Duncan will work from school at Alert Level 3
  • Nadine and Hannah will support Y1-6 learners at school
  • Libby and Kate Armour will support Y7-10 learners at school
  • Learning at school, will be students engaged with their distance learning programmes (the same programme that all of our students are engaging with from home)
  • School will be open from 8.50am to 3.10pm each day. No one will be allowed in the building outside of these times.
  • Students will operate under the distance learning timetable
  • All learning will take place on the first floor
  • Students will have individually set up work areas.
  • Students will be supervised by the same LA every day (max 10 per LA).
  • Strict learning and health and safety guidelines will be shared with the families of the students who have indicated they will be attending
  • Cleaners have been contacted and we will work with them to ensure that the school is cleaned in line with the MOH guidelines at the end of each day.
  • Students will not be able to leave the building during the day.
  • Students will need to bring their own food and drink.
  • Students will be expected to maintain physical distancing while at school.

The staff who will be working onsite during Level 3, will be working together on Tuesday to prepare the school.

Devices / hard copy material

A few of you have indicated that you could benefit from having access to a device or hard copies of work. If you could share this with you HBLA at your next 1:1 it will allow me to potentially prepare this material for you to collect from next week.

Keep up the amazing work your doing from your homes.

Steven Mustor – Director