Whakanuia te kanorau – Celebrating diversity

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Here is some info about one of our speakers, Alison Schroeder:

Speech & Language Therapist, Primary School Teacher, Author, Owner and Executive Director Socially Speaking

Alison Schroeder is a New Zealand registered Speech & Language Therapist and Primary School Teacher who founded Socially Speaking in 2003.  She has over 30 years’ experience as a speech & language therapist and also teaching students with special needs (New Zealand, UK and Hong Kong). Socially Speaking provides Speech & Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy to children, teens and young adults who have social, sensory and communication challenges.  Alison runs Social Clubs alongside her staff and also regularly consults with other professionals and schools working with children with social challenges. [We have worked with Alison and her team in the past to support LAs and students with different needs]

Alison has written a number of social skills and language resources (including The Friendship Formula, Socially Speaking and Time to Talk books and games) which are published in the United Kingdom and used throughout the world.

Alison’s workshop ‘Recognising & Celebrating the Differences of Neurodiversity‘ will give an overview for parents regarding neurodiversity  and the importance of recognising and celebrating the differences of neurodiversity.  We will look at the brain and develop an understanding of regulation and how different ‘triggers’ can impact on regulation.  Having this knowledge can help us ‘reframe behaviour’, try to understand why a child behaves in the way they do and support us in finding tools to support their needs.