Ready for Learning?

The school holidays are over and tomorrow is the offical start to term 2. This is certainly unlike the start of any term we’ve ever experienced before. We’re sure that you will all be feeling the same way?

These are uncertain times and we are still very much unsure of what the school landscape will look like over the coming weeks (and possibly months).

With that in mind: we would love some information from our community.

Please complete this form.

This will help us to understand the unique situation that each of our learners face. It will ask about how set up you are for learning at home and what, if any, support we may be able to provide you.

It might be slightly frustrating, but we are asking you to complete a separate form for each child you have at Ao Tawhiti. This allows us to direct information to HBLAs and to any other members of staff that might me able to support.

Please keep in mind that these are exceptional times, take care of yourself and your family, don’t lose sleep if you find supporting your child’s learning difficult. Anything you can do to support them is simply awesome.

Kia kaha