Start of Term Info

Monday 13 April 2020

Kia ora whanau

I hope you are all keeping well and finding simple ways to enjoy the lockdown.  It’s certainly been an interesting experience watching my neighbourhood cope with our nationwide restrictions – mostly by walking around our community in numbers that I’ve never seen before.  I feel like there are some very well exercised dogs living in our community right now.

Finishing Term 1 / 1.2 learning

On Wednesday, school starts back in a slightly different way to what we have experienced before at Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery.  As I discussed when the lockdown began, our fantastic learning advisors have set up a number of programmes of learning that will allow our students to continue to engage with the final two weeks of their Term 1 / 1.2 programme.  These links are available here

We have added an availability schedule here for 1.2.  At these times you will be able to contact your LA and get a reply.  You may choose to use this schedule to structure your day or you may choose to ignore it and work at times that best suit your needs.  For now we are simply offering you suggestions with the expectation that this work is completed across the next two weeks


You’ll also notice that we have set up two 1:1 days.  On these days you should expect contact from your HBLA. They will just be checking up on where your child is at and making sure that they are aware of where they can find their learning resources and what if any additional support you may need to engage with this.

MOE announcements

You will almost certainly have heard a number of announcements from the Ministry of Education in the last few days.  These announcements have the potential to supplement our distance / online learning experiences. As a staff we have not yet had the opportunity to engage with these resources.  As a school we feel that we know your children best and are eager to see what’s available and how it may be used to support learning in our context. I encourage you to keep reading our news site on the website to see how we are making learning happen for our learners.

Term 2 classes and beyond

I am aware that none of us are certain how or when this lock down will end and what learning may look like as restrictions are lifted.  With that in mind the LAs are working on making sure that they have solid plans for Term 2.1 courses that will allow them to deliver these lessons for students from either school or from home.  As always, communication about this will occur on the school website.

Steven Mustor – Director