Wednesday 15 April – Info


Welcome back to school. It’s certainly going to be an interesting experience as we all find our way as we learn from home.

I’ve already been asked about a dozen times this morning, when school will be starting up “for real”. The short answer is that we are back “for real” now. The learning opportunities that the learning advisors have provided are real learning that continue our commitment to a personalised approached to student driven curriculum.

In terms of when we might start back learning from our building, well that’s an answer that’s unfortunately not in my hands. You can feel assured that I will be sharing this information as soon as the Ministry of Education makes the announcement to schools. There are lots of possibilities being discussed by people right now. Please take these as just talk. Until you read it here, it’s all just speculation.

Finishing Term 1 classes

Just a reminder that we are finishing up our courses for Term 1 this week week and next. More info regarding Term 2.1 courses will come at the start of next week. You can access the learning for Term 1 at the links below.

Readiness for learning survey

Last night we put out this message out on the website. We would really appreciate you filling it out for each student. This will help us to understand the unique situation that each of our learners face. It will ask about how set up you are for learning at home and what, if any, support we may be able to provide you.

Please complete this form.

Ministry of Education announcements

The MOE have started a TV channel. They’ve also provided some support with setting up filters on your internet.

Here’s the info from them about these resources

Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV and Māori Television education broadcasting starts 9am 15 April

Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV will start education broadcasting for early learners and students in Years 1–10 from 9am on Wednesday 15 April, with Māori Television launching te reo educational programmes on the same day.

As a result of negotiations led by Nicholas Pole (Chief Review Officer and Chief Executive of the Education Re Review Office), Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV will be free to air, on TVNZ channel 2+1 and on TVNZ on Demand, as well as on Sky Channel 502. It will run from 9am to 3pm on schooldays with programming for children and young people, as well as for parents.

Content will be grouped for early learners and students by age range, and will include play, literacy, mathematics, science, te reo Māori, physical education and wellbeing. All of the programmes will feature highly experienced teachers and presenters, along with wellbeing and movement experts.

The Minister will be announcing the presenters and programme schedule later today, after which we’ll publish the information on our Learning from Home website. Check the updates page of the site for daily programming information.

Programme presenters include nine teachers from Christchurch and Auckland. Thank you to those of you who have agreed to release your staff to deliver these lessons – we’re very grateful for their willingness to be part of this initiative.

Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV will be on air for one month with provision to extend beyond that if needed.

We’ll be promoting Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV and the Māori Television programmes on television and through social media – please share the information through your own social media, emails to students and whānau, etc. Later this week we’ll have resources on the Learning from Home website that you can use to help promote Home Learning | Papa Kāinga TV. Keep checking the website for updates and resources.

Free internet safety filter for parents

While children are learning from home, they are away from the online safety and security services provided by Network for Learning (N4L) at school. So together with N4L and Netsafe, we have launched – a free way to block the worst of the web for students and teachers.


Netsafe provides comprehensive support and information to support everyone to stay safe as they work, learn and play online. Netsafe has new and updated resources for parents, whānau and students at

Steven Mustor – Director