School Holiday: Update

30 March 2020

School Holidays

The school holidays started on Saturday 28 March and finish on Tuesday 14 April. This decision was made by the MOE.

Our LAs have already provided the work for Term 1 / 1.2 courses as well as some possibilities for (see links below). You can continue with this work throughout the lockdown period (4 weeks which obviously includes the school holidays) but LAs may not be available to immediately respond during the official holiday period.

It’s also important to note for students taking Te Kura courses, that their teachers will be on holiday during this period.

Dates for Term 2.1 courses

Just for clarity, Term 1.2 classes will run until 24 April. This allows students time to finish the work provided online and in class earlier this month.

Term 2.1 courses will start on 28 April. Hopefully we’ll be back at school by then!

NCEA Due Date Extension

Due to the extraordinary situation we find ourselves in, we have decided to review the due date for Term 1 NCEA assignments.

Students are encouraged to work from home and meet the original deadline if they are in a position to do so. However, for students who need more time, we have put in place a blanket extension for Term 1 NCEA assignments. 

The new due date is Tuesday 28th April 2020.

Our reasoning is as follows: There is undoubtedly stress and anxiety associated with the Lockdown. It will take time for students and families to come to terms with this situation. Students focus best when under less stress. We want our students to do their best. So, we are putting an extension in place.

We are also aware of the time it will take for many students to adapt to the online learning model. And thus, an extension seems fair and just.

University enrolled students

The University of Canterbury has also put extensions in place. Students enrolled in University courses should check their emails for information from course lecturers.

If you have any questions about your assignments, please contact your course LA. If you have any general questions about NCEA, please contact

Brent Silby

Speaking for the Planet 

(S4P) 2020 goes Online 

Speaking for the Planet is a competition for young people to express themselves on themes affecting the planet.  It is a speaking and art competition. This year the theme is biodiversity to fit in with the World Environment Day theme.  S4P have decided due to the Covid-19 pandemic that it is sensible to bring the whole of the competition online and add some exciting additional options for children & young people to choose from.  Please see the following information and let me know if you would like to participate. If we only have one entry per category, then that person goes through as the school’s entry.  If we have more than one person entering, I will consult with other staff members to choose an entry.  

What do you need to do?  Simply, email me to let me know which category you’d like to enter and how old you are.  I will then send you some more details on what is required and resource documents to help.  

Date: All submissions by May 31st 2020.

World Environment Day Theme: Biodiversity

Topic: On Earth, everything is connected

Age divisions:

  •  Years 7 to 8;
  •  Years 9-11;
  •  Open Young Adult (Year 12+ up to 24yo).


  •  Speaking: Send a video of yourself giving a prepared speech of no more than five minutes long. Submissions longer than this time will not be considered.
  •  Spoken Word: Send a video of yourself giving your spoken word performance. It should be no more than four minutes long. Submissions longer than this time will not be considered.
  •  Artworks: Send three photos of your artwork. (The specifications will be outlined in the resource document)
  •  Memes: For the first time, S4P invites students to present a meme on the topic.
  •  TikTok: Also a first for S4P. Maximum length 12 seconds. Submissions longer than this time will not be considered.

All participating students will receive certificates.
Winners in each category will receive prizes (delivered to you or to your school). All those gaining First place will be automatically invited to participate in a similar (online) international competition to be held in November.

Kate Armour –

Covid-19: Useful links

Ministry of Social Development support

  • Everyone’s family situation is different and MSD has information for people affected by COVID-19. MSD may be able to provide financial support for those struggling to meet their costs. See their information page for more information.

Subsidised broadband

  • Skinny Jump is flexible prepaid broadband: Only $5 for 30GB of data, no contracts or credit checks. 
  • Skinny Jump is a not-for-profit service supporting those most at risk of digital exclusion, including families with children, job seekers, seniors, people with disabilities, refugees and migrant communities, those in social housing. If you think this sounds like a plan that could support someone in your community please share with them.

Keeping yourself updated

Wellbeing: Covid-19 resources