Thursday 16 April – Info

Thursday 16 April


I checked in with a handful of the LAs yesterday and all of them really enjoyed catching up with their homebase students. It was clear from speaking with my homebase students that as parents you’re doing a fantastic job of juggling your extremely challenging circumstances while also keeping your children engaged with their learning. Thanks so much for all the support you’re providing them and us right now. It’s genuinely appreciated.

Remember that we have a schedule here if you’d like to use it to structure your day. It’s also useful to remember that LAs will be available to answer your questions at these times, and for some courses they will be teaching lessons.

SDL opportunities

We’re only offering a small portion of what you could learn through these classes. The great thing about Ao Tawhiti Unlimited Discovery is that you can learn what you want to learn when you want to. If you’re having a great time making forts out of the furniture, cooking with your parents, or have a sudden interest in something because of a movie you watched last night, you could build it into your learning today. This isn’t just a message for the Y1-6 students. There’s real value in exploring a new interest even as an adult. You just never know where it could take you. Make sure that you capture your achievements. This could be using old-school tech like pencil and paper, or new-school tech like an iPad. You could set this up with your HBLA or start a new goal in the LMS.

Contact lists

If you’re not yet sure how to get hold of a LA or even your HBLA , you can find their email at . I’m sure that they’d love to hear from you.

Survey reminder

Finally a further reminder to complete the readiness survey we sent out to you a couple of days ago.

Steven Mustor – Director